Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arrested Development : Surely a movie !

"Now the story of a wealthy family..."

Now ladies in gentleman please welcome a real news about the Arrested Development movie !
It's was hard to imagine the Arrested Development movie project down, it's just impossible. C'mon !
Can you imagine Mitch tell to all the Arrested Development's fan :

"I'm sorry I can't do it you know because..."

Naaah !

Thank god Jason Bateman is always here to bring good news, this time it's on Collider :

Question: What is the state of “Arrested Development”?

Jason Bateman: The script’s being written and when Mitch is done with it we can go to the scheduling part of it which will probably prove to be a bit challenging given the size of the cast.

And they’re all attached?

Jason: He is asked us not to speak about specifics, but that he’s working on it.

It seems like 5 or 6 months there was a lot of momentum. A lot of people talking about the film. And then it seemed like it sort of got a little bit quiet. Everyone’s a little nervous it’s actually happening. Is it, in fact, actually being written right now?

Jason: Yes.

That’s 100%?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah. That’s never changed. I mean people have guessed and “rumored” and all that other stuff in all areas of the media. I’ve always been a little sort of…I’ve always felt bad that I never had more information to give people when they asked me about it, but I guess people kind of got frustrated by that and they just started kind of making up their own sort of “well, we haven’t heard that much” or “news hasn’t changed so it must be going away”. I don’t know. It sort of took a life of its own on and fatigue started to set in I think about the whole story of it. I mean, there’s really no need to write anything about it at all until he’s done writing it. Once he writes it then, just like any movie, then it becomes something a little bit more real and then you try to figure out scheduling and you try to figure out people’s deals. I mean, it’s got the same life that any other project would have. It has just as much a chance of happening as it does of not happening really.

So what do you think of this great news ?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Arrested Development Movie in a bad way ?

"The C-Word"

I don't really think that the Arrested Development is not gonna happen, I'm very hopefull about it but it's true we have a lack of information, no real news. Just phrases like "It's gonna happen, it's up to Mitch !".
It seems that Mitch Hurwitz it's pretty busy right now, but this project can't be dead. It's the most anticpated movie for 2010 !
So in my own opinion the movie will came out next year, on ZAP2it someone think in a different way :

It's been over a year since buzz about an "Arrested Development" film first began circulating. And when cast members confirmed shortly thereafter that a big screen version of the FOX series was indeed in development, fan excitement was legitimized.

In January, executive producer Mitch Hurwitz even told the press that a distribution deal with Fox Searchlight was more or less in place.

However, when I spoke with Hurwitz one-on-one that month, he also said that the "Arrested" movie was far from actually shooting, since he couldn't come up with a story until he knew exactly which cast members were on board.

Of course, at that time, the lone hold out was the series' break out star Michael Cera (George Michael), so waiting to know whether or not he'd be involved, before starting to write, made sense.

But Cera signed on to do the film in late February.

And it is now August and sources say Hurwitz has not yet begun writing.

"I don't think Mitch is gonna do it," an insider told me. "It seems like he's moving off the idea. So much time has passed."

Of course Hurwitz has been busy with pilot project upon pilot project this year, not to mention FOX's "Sit Down, Shut Up," and his work load doesn't seem to be dwindling, having just announced a new TV venture with "Arrested" alum Will Arnett earlier this week.

So, yeah, don't think this "Arrested" movie thing is happening... though passionate commentary from the diehard "Arrested" fan base could make a difference.

Any thoughts?

So what do you think ? Leave a comment please.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An "Arrested Development" Trio for a new TV show !

"It's the final countdown !"

One week ago I was talking about a profect of a new TV show created by Mitchell Hurwitz and Will Arnett, this project seems to become real. The contract between Arnett and Fox gives to him all the power to create what he wants.
So it's not a surprise if he works with Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely for this untitled serie.

You cand read the original article here :

The Emmy-winning series' creator/executive producer, Mitch Hurwitz, co-star Will Arnett and co-executive producer Jim Vallely have teamed for another single-camera Fox comedy. It stars Arnett as a rich Beverly Hills jackass who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman who can't stand his lifestyle or values.

The project, which has received a script commitment, is being written by Hurwitz, Arnett and Vallely. The comedy is the first project to come out of the development pact that Arnett inked with Fox in October. Arnett recently lent his voice to "Sit Down, Shut Up," Hurwitz's animated comedy for Fox.

Hurwitz and Vallely won two 2005 Emmys for writing the "Righteous Brothers" episode of "Development."

Arnett earned Emmy nominations for his role as part-time magician Gob Bluth on "Development" and for his recent recurring role on NBC's "30 Rock." The actor, who co-stars in "G-Force," will next be seen in "When in Rome" and "Jonah Hex."

It's a pretty good news !

Source : ABC News
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arrested Development Documentary - Exclusive Interview !

"Cos' You're my bro, not my brother !"

Since the first trailer appeared on the internet I can't stop thinking about how will look the Arrested Development Documentary.
For me it's an incredible adventure, two fans of the show have decided to shoot a documentary about their favorite TV Show : Arrested Development.
At first they interviewed fans only, but they quickly started to interview actors of the show and some others important persons.
For two fans who've started with practically nothing it's pretty amazing don't you think ?

So few week ago I've decided to ask them if they will agree to be interviewed by me, hey I'm just a fan after all !
And it was a positive response for the interview !
I can't tell you how much I'm glad to present you my first exclusive interview, it's a great moment for me !
If you know nothing about this documentary please watch this trailer before reading the interview :

And here it comes the exclusive interview :

How did you come up with the idea for the documentary?

  • Jeff and I have been huge fans of the show since it aired on Fox the 3rd season and we often quote the show to each other. We would find ourselves re-watching episodes just to find as many new jokes as possible. In September of ‘07, Jeff’s brother invited us to go camping in Yosemite along with 12 other “friends.” Apparently our “friends” don’t really like us because we were the only ones that went. The entire we weekend we quoted Arrested lines and it was decided on that camping trip that we would make this documentary.

How was the first interviews, with whom, etc. . .

  • Our first interview was in October of 2007, a month after we decided to do the doc. It was with an excited and witty AD fan named Jacky. She is a singer and songwriter and goes by the stage name of Tacky Jacky. She was a brave soul to agree to meet at a stranger’s home where two random guys were going to interview here on a canceled tv show. Lucky for her we are two “stand-up” guys and she made it out alive. It was an amazing experience to interview our first fan. It basically set the tone for the rest of the 199 fan interviews.

How many Arrested Development fans have you interviewed?

  • We interviewed 200 fans.

Was it redundant to interview all of those fans?

  • There are definitely running themes in many of the fan interviews, but that really solidifies how much of a strong fan base this show has. We interviewed fans from California to Michigan to Virginia to Nebraska to Wee London (in Canada), and lots of other places in between to make sure that to get a diverse set of fans. Though the fan base is diverse, there are these running themes about the show such as the layers, the ability to re-watch episodes to find new things, the political and social overtones and the writing.

Who was the first Bluth member who agreed to interview?

  • Alia Shawkat, aka Maeby Fünke, was the first Bluth cast member that agreed to interview for the documentary. Her mother attended the interview with her at a local coffee shop in Hollywood. She was a fantastic interview and really set our expectations high for other cast interviews. She started the trend we hope that fans will feel like they are back in the Bluth Model Home with the cast interviews.

What was the worst moment and the best moment of the interviews?

  • Worst moment: No answer.
  • Best moment: Fans can sign up on our mailing list at www.arresteddevelopmentdoc. We have received a number of fans expressing their gratitude for us doing this documentary. It feels good that we are actually touching people, I mean, giving something to those that also sing the praises of a great piece of television history.

Have you decided how you will distribute the documentary? (DVD, Internet, etc...)

  • We have not finalized distribution at this point. We are looking at all possible avenues but want to make the decision that will provide the most exposure for Arrested Development as possible. This is an opportunity to get even more fans that will buy the DVDs, rent them or watch the episodes online. These new fans will spread the word and hopefully help the Arrested Development movie coming out in the future.

Do you have any future projects in the works about Arrested Development or anything else?

  • We have been discussing new projects to start once this one is 100% completed. There are a number of ideas that are not AD related but we still have a possible one up our pants sleeve that would be aimed at all of you “Banana Grabbers.”

Which current TV shows have Arrested Development's influence?

  • I can see a little AD influence in shows like the Office, Parks and Recreation, etc. I have heard many AD fans talk about 30 Rock having a lot of influence but have not been able to get into it.

Now quick questions about you and Arrested Development:

When did you first see AD?

  • Neil: I was hooked after I caught it randomly on Fox Sunday at the beginning of the 3rd and final season.
  • Jeff: I was also hooked on 3rd season, though I do remember random commercials over the years and thinking that it looked pretty damn funny, though to no avail. . .

Your favorite season ?

  • Neil: I think that all of the seasons have a unique flavor and provide the same level of entertainment across the board. But if I had to pick a favorite season, it would be second season. From GOB’s sexual harassment speech in “Afternoon Delight” to “Girls With Low Self Esteem” to Lucille’s forbidden romance with George Sr’s hermano, Oscar, the season is chalk full of hilarious goodness. But so are all of the other seasons so I guess I don’t have a favorite.
  • Jeff: Ditto. And this isn't a cop out, I just totally agree.

Your favorite Bluth Member ?

  • Neil: My favorite character is Lucile. You think that all she cares about is herself but there are those moments when you know that she is in it for the good of the family. She is also quick on her feet.
  • Jeff: This might sound generic, but I'm going to go with George Oscar Bluth. He REALLY makes me laugh. A lot. In fact, even as I am editing the doc, the Gob/Arnett interview still makes me laugh after the 304 times I've watched it.

Your favorite episode ?

  • Neil: Spring Breakout is my favorite episode. It really shows Lucile’s devotion to the family that she would participate in a drinking contest with George Sr’s ex-assistant and kidnapper while still in rehab. I also really enjoy how the Bluth boys collaborate to save their father from his kidnapper, Kitty.
  • Jeff: Afternoon Delight. It's awesome.

To finish this interview let see if you are real fans!

I've used one adjective to describe myself. What is it ?

  • Neil: Professional
  • Jeff: Fuck Mountain-esque

Welcome to Klimpy's! Anywhere you like! Plate or platter ?

  • Neil: I don’t understand the question and will not respond to it.
  • Jeff: I'll have the Ike and Tina tuna.

I hope you've enjoyed the reading as much I've enjoyed writing the questions.
To finish I just want to say a big Thank You to Neil Lieberman and Jeff Smith for this interview and I hope your documentary will have a huge success.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Will Arnett use the G-Force !

"C'mon !"

If you like GOB/Will Arnett, on October 14 you will able to watch a new Walt Disney movie called G-Force where Arnett plays a certain Kip Killian.

Synopsis :

A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world.

But more important than this movie, I found on internet an interview of Arnett where he talks about the G-Force movie and his projects.
This interviews confirms what we suspected about his deal with Fox, if you didn't know about the deal you can read this :

Will Arnett is making his way back to FOX thanks to a handsome and somewhat unique development deal.

The former "Arrested Development" star and two-time Emmy nominee has returned to the network and will work on developing a comedy series. That's not all that unusual. The terms of the agreement are, however.

Arnett will have a high degree of creative control over any project, the showbiz trade papers report. He'll have a say in which writers and directors he works with and input on the show's concept. The deal also isn't connected to a particular studio, which will allow Arnett more latitude in choosing his partners.

So what Will Arnett is actually doing ? He's working with Mitch Hurwitz for a new comedy TV show !
That's wath he said on the interview :

Arnett has a slew of other projects in development, none of which involves working with rodents. Two of them reunite him with Mitchell Hurwitz, who created the cult-favorite series "Arrested Development" (2003-2006), on which Arnett starred as George Bluth II, aka "Gob."

"I'm writing a new show for Fox with the creator of 'Arrested Development," the actor said. "We'll also do an 'Arrested Development' movie in the next year or so. Those are the projects that get me up in the morning."

However he also talks a little bit about the Arrested Development movie but there is no big news :

"Arrested Development" fans have never quite accepted the show's cancellation, so they're already eagerly anticipating the movie. The feeling is mutual, Arnett says.

"I'm with the fans in that I'm really looking forward to revisiting these characters," he said. "I will have to beg Mitch for some mercy for George. I'm sure I'll be in some interesting situations in the movie."

So how about some inside dirt? Will the whole original cast be back, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi and Jeffrey Tambor? Anything about the plot?

Arnett shakes his head.

"Honestly, I'm not sure who is on board," he said. "I do know that everyone is prepared to do the movie. But I don't hear things officially. That's out of my pay scale."

You can read the whole interview here :
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