Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Arrested DVDevelopment

Have you seen this before ? This is the original artwork for the 1st season DVD, I'm sure you've the DVD at your place so compare them.

I really like this one, so funny !

"These are balls ?! "

If you want to see the picture in the original size just clic on it !
Soon I'll make an article about all the Arrested Development's DVD editions that we can find on internet.
That's a idea for a present...It's almost christmas !


  1. I have seasson 1 since last month... and I fear is the only one I could get.. beacuse in my country (Spain) AD doesn't exist!!!!! Is too dificult to me have AD stuff cause here nobody know about it!!
    So, Internet it's very important to me, most of all, blogs like yours...!

  2. Hi, I'm from France and lucky us we have the 3 seasons but I know it's very hard to get the episodes.
    If you want to know how to have the others seasons you can contact me :

    My email :


  3. Thank you!!! I'm trying to get them by ebay.. but if I have any problem.. I'd write you!!

  4. You're welcome ;)

    Hope you'll get them on ebay !