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"Maeby a movie ?!"

This Is It !
Now we have the official declaration of Mitchell Hurwitz about the movie, he's directing it.
Right now the AD Movie is officially launched, so I'm going to the hospital bar to celebrate it...

At this point the Arrested Development bit has been utterly destroyed from the sheer volume of people constantly chomping at it, hoping they'll sink their teeth into some fresh meat and sate their hunger for news. Well today, my friends, you'll get a nice hard confirmation of some directorial rumors and a sneak peek about what you might see in the film , straight from series writer Mitch Hurwitz.

The Austin Film Festival recently took place and thanks to the gents over at Austin 360 they've provided in-depth detail about the “Art of Storytelling” panel at which Hurwitz and series executive producer and narrator Ron Howard spoke.

Confirming everyone's suspicions, Hurwitz dropped the bomb that he is in fact hammering out a script for the film right now, and when the time comes he'll be the one in the director's chair. PHEW! Arrested Development faithful such as myself have been a little bit worried that the project would go to someone else with not as much stake in the franchise, but thankfully it will be in good hands and the intertubes can breathe a sigh of relief.

He went on to tell us to expect a heavy jail presence in the film, and that he will include a reference to TARP money as a bit of a jab of the film industry for taking so long to make films that are socially relevant. Who will be in prison, we don't know, but expect it not to be George Sr.

It's an incredibly small bit of news, but knowing that Hurwitz knows where he's going instills quite a lot of hope. We'll be keeping a sharp eye open for anything else to come out of the A.D. camp in the coming months.

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