Thursday, July 26, 2012


You're killing me buster !

What a crazy year for me and so not much time for the blog. But it's all gone now and I'm gonna update this blog when real news come out. The last one is a big announcement made by Ron Howard : Arrested Development starts shouting in FOUR WEEKS

It seems that the Ron Howard, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett really like Twitter and that's a great thing because we're gonna have some pics of the shooting set and so on, a lot of time before the official promotion. 

I'm gonna add on the blog the account of these crazy guy for you, it's gonna be more simple to follow the news.

I also want to thanks the people who continues to come on the blog, I know I wasn't really serious about it but I graduate this year and with all the exams and my studies, it was a little bit crazy.

Stay tuned ! 

Did you just say blink ?

Michael Bluth...

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