Thursday, August 2, 2012

Season 4 shooting date - C'mon !

The model home is opening again next tuesday for shooting the first scenes of the season 4. Will Arnett, who's curently working on the Up All Night show, gives us more detail about the new season and how he'll appear during the whole season.

The Television Critics Association visited the set of “Up All Night” today, and Will Arnett revealed that he is getting ready to shoot the new episodes of “Arrested Development” that Mitch Hurwitz wrote. Hurwitz had said each episode would focus on one member of the Bluth family, but Arnett’s schedule suggests that he will be around for multiple episodes.

“That’s kind of the idea [one character per episode], and then there are bits and pieces of people,” Arnett said after the “Up All Night” panel. “Yeah, it’s going to be interesting. It’s a totally different way to tell the story of these people and these characters and these relationships that we like, so it’s interesting.”

During the panel Arnett had said he’s filling all of his free time with “Arrested Development.”

“Currently the plan is to shoot on hiatuses and weekends because we start that in six days, it’s next Tuesday we start. That’s the current plan, Saturdays and stuff. It’s going to be insane. It’s super well organized. I don't know if you’ve met Mitch Hurwitz.”

After the panel, the reporter that asked Arnett about his schedule followed up to confirm whether or not Hurtwitz was really disorganized. “I’m kidding,” Arnett said. “I want you to print that so he reads it, but no, no, no. He’s not disorganized. He’s a prolific creator and there’s just always a ton of stuff and it’s a lot.”

Arnett confirmed he has read some of the new “Arrested Development” scripts and that he is very happy with them.
"Arrested Development" season four is expected to debut on Netflix in 2013.

Source : Crave Online 


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