Monday, July 6, 2009

Loose seal. Watch out for loose seal !

Buster : I don't care about Lucille. She lies !

Thanks to missdubois on the IMDB board, she found a strange article on the Metro newspaper about a Sea Lion who gone crazy in Orange County. It is GOB fault ?

So I let you read the whole article, it's pretty incredible :

A fugitive sea lion nearly gave police officers the slip after taking control of their speedboat.

The resourceful animal, nicknamed Snoopy, saw the net closing in and dec­ided to hijack the patrol boat, managing to steer it, move the throttle and even sound the siren.

But he didn't get far. Alerted by the rather amateurish getaway effort, officers moved in and gave him a few squirts with a garden hose to encourage him back to his ocean home.

The Orange County sheriffs had orig­inally hauled Snoopy on board after rep­orts he had frightened a young boy by biting his trouser leg in Newport Harbour, California.

But, while they made ready to depart, the crafty sea lion set off for the captain's chair, said Deputy Jim Slikker.

'He took exception to the law enforcement officers sent to tackle him,' said watch commander Sgt Fritz Von Rettberg.

'He managed to steer the boat and even started the throttle but we reached him before he got the lights on.'

Snoopy has kept his head down since last month's incident but forensic clues taken from the scene would help track him down, added Sgt Von Rettberg.

I don't know if it's a fake or not, but it can be an disguise promotion for the future Arrested Development movie. It's just a theory but this story is really weird don't you think ?

Link for the article here.

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