Saturday, December 19, 2009

Missing Movie

"Charlie Brown...."

Oh Michael...I love when you're saying things like these about the movie :

Oh "Arrested Development" movie. You wicked temptress. One minute, you're happening. Then you're not. Then you're maybe happening, but somewhere far down the road. Then that ship has maybe sailed, but then it pulls into port again. So how about now? Are we there yet? Soon enough, says star Michael Cera...

"I'm pretty sure it'll happen, I just don't know when," the actor told MTV at a press junket for "Youth in Revolt," which hits theaters on January 8. "I think sometime next year, hopefully, we'll be shooting," he said, adding quickly once again, "I hope." Encouraging words, despite the qualifiers.

You can't really blame the guy for being cautious. I would guess that he hears the words "Arrested Development" in nearly every interview he sits down for. An accidentally chosen phrase could be blown totally out of proportion. A phrase like "I think sometime next year," in fact. "But he promised!!!" we fans will say.

Looking at the legion of fans who are still clamoring for more of the Bluth clan's antics, it's easy to see how "Arrested Development"'s cancellation accounts for one of the big fumbles in TV history. It's good to hear Cera staying so positive about the possibility of this movie finally pushing forward in the coming year.

Are you willing to accept Cera's words at face value, and continue believing that an "Arrested Development" movie will happen in the next year or two? Have you abandoned all hope?

Source : MTV Blog
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