Saturday, March 20, 2010


"My name is Judge !"

So so been a long since I let an article about the Arrested Development Movie !
The main reason is the lack of news, that's the clue. Nobody talks a lot about the movie and Mitch Hurwitz seems to be focus on his new TV show with Will Arnett.
You can read an article about the situation :

The push for an Arrested Development movie is beginning to feel a bit like one of Gob Bluth’s magic tricks -I’m sorry, “illusions.” It starts off promising, dazzles fans of the series for a brief moment…and then the bottom falls out.

A few months back, the Arrested Development movie appeared to be gaining momentum: Mitchell Hurtwitz, the show’s creator, was reportedly busy working on the script and Will Arnett went on-record claiming the movie would be made this year.

Now we’re hearing reports that the project has been pushed back…yet again.

Speaking with MTV, Jason Bateman, who played Michael Bluth in the TV series, restated the tentative schedule for the film: “Nothing new. We’re hoping for the end of the year.”

However, the actor went on to clarify one factor in the delay: Hurtwitz has a new sitcom in the works…starring Will Arnett.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the still untitled Hurtwitz project has “Arnett as a rich Beverly Hills jackass who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman who can’t stand his lifestyle or values.”

“[The new] show with Arnett has pushed [Arrested] another few months,” Bateman said.

If we received a banana for every time we’ve heard that the Arrested Development movie was going to be pushed back another few months, we’d have enough bananas to open our own Frozen Banana stand by now (get it?).

Bateman was still optimistic that the cast and creators will get the Arrested Development movie into theaters in the near future – “It’s still coming.”

Are you as optimistic as Bateman? Or is your interest beginning to wane?

Now a short video with Jason Bateman at the Sunday's Academy Awards:

And now a vid where David Cross talks shortly about the movie, he doesn't seems hopefull:

Source: MTV, Hollywood Reporter, Youtube

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