Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still alive ?!

"There's a new daddy in town !"

Hi everyone, these days I really miss Arrested Development and I'm thinking about get back to basics like watch again the 3 seasons and make this blog alive again !

Now I'm here !

Hum...well ok you don't believe right now but you'll see.

But I have to give you an explanation about the reasons of the lack of updates. It's simple :
The news are still the same !

And I was like "okay it's not my priority to work on the blog..."
So I apologize about that and I'm back for real and for good.

And now let's see the latest news :

The first is a news for the website TvGawker and Will Arnett is talking :
Arrested Development movie updates?
We're in the midst of Running Wilde and we're unable to focus on anything else, but it is something we plan on doing. I can't really speak to Mitch's timetable but I would suspect that it's going to be sooner rather than later now, I will say that.

David Cross said in an interview that he knows the storyline and it's "awesome."
Yeah there's some really funny stuff, some really funny ideas being kicked around. It's Mitch's call on how anything goes.

Can you give us a hint? A taste? Something?
I really can't, it would be far too premature. But if it goes in the direction Mitch is suggesting, it'll be super hilarious.

It seems that the AD's movie is still alive ! You want another proof ? Let see a declaration of Mitch Hurwitz from AVClub :

AVC: So what is the status of the film? It’s the inescapable question.

MH: It is my absolute next priority. I’ve said we’re about halfway through it, but I’m including a lot of the stories as part of that half. It’s the next thing I do as soon as I get a breath from [Running Wilde]. If it gets picked up for a back nine, I’ll have people in place to do this and I can go finish that. It is my biggest creative priority. It’s very frustrating I haven’t had time to do it. I’ve been having to do other things, but it’s time and money. It’s part of, you know, the thing I’ve built for myself here. This house of cards. I have to say, people think I’m more successful than I am, and I appreciate that. I think. I don’t know if I care I, guess. But I’m a working guy. I’m not joking, though, if I had Cocoon, all bets would be off.

Keep in touch with the blog, I'll talk about Running Wilde and the Arrested Development Doc.

See you soon, really soon !

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