Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interview : David Cross & Michael Cera talks about the movie !

In the MTV Movies Blog, on June 15, David Cross gives us a really short interview about the movie. There is no real news in that interview, Tobias you don't blow hard this time !

“I know what most people know,” Cross said, “which is there’s definitely a movie planned. A script has been ordered. Everyone’s on board to do it.”

“I think they’re just working out the deals — which, you got eleven cast members and writers and producers and all that — so I think that’ll take a little time, as it usually does. And hopefully we’ll be shooting something before the decade’s out.”

“There was an overall story that I’m not at privilege to tell you what [Mitch is] working on. The script could change from that point. I will tell you it’s a f–king great idea and I’m very excited about it. It really does seem like a logical next step from the show to the movie. If that idea is followed through, I think it’s pretty cool.”

You can read the whole article here : MTV Movies Blog

On Collider.com Michael Cera also talks about the movie, but once again there is not big information in this interview, just a point of view...

“I think it will. Yeah. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I don’t think it will happen for awhile.”

I then said a lot of the cast members have said Mitch is working on the script and maybe you’d be shooting later this year.

Michael then replied, “But there is no rush. I think he should take his time. I know it means a lot to Mitch. There is no rush, really. I don’t think.”

You can read the whole article here : Collider.com

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