Thursday, June 18, 2009

The New Jersey Scene ?

There is the update that I've been waiting all night !

corpse_was_a_good_man told us a little bit more about this famous scene. So I let you read the post he left on IMDB :

"So we showed up at the theater. Our job was to be audience members giving a standing ovation behind will arnett delivering a line (that no one could hear)

Mitch was on set the entire time... for most of the 5 hours we were there we did some incedental crowd shots and multiple shots to be composited for audience cloning..

No cameras were allowed, couldn't get much for you guys. I really only witnessed 30 seconds of what will be the final movie.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions.. (arnett was the only original cast member on set, just to set that straight right now, and i didn't recognize anyone else who was being focused on."

That description of the scene brings me to my first idea, for me it's not a scene shot for the movie but more for a commercial. It's seems to be the most plausible idea...

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