Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Jersey "filming" Update.

According to corpse_was_a_good_man on the IMDB movie board, the shouting is really happening on June 17.
The whole cast will be in New Jersey for the scene who's called "Watching a play".

On one side every person of the cast who have already talked about the movie say that there is no script "yet".

So what can be this "filming" ? In my own opinion it's a shouting for a teaser who will announce the official preparation of the movie. We can always imagine the whole cast sitting in a cinema watching the Arrested Development serie and the Ron Howard voice-over will say "Get Arrested on summer 2010 !".
Ok ok I'm actually dreaming a little bit, so let's consider all that stuff like rumors and just wait for more news because I'm very skeptical.

Our best hope it's to call Gene Parmesan for an investigation !

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