Monday, June 15, 2009

Rumor : Sit Down Shut Up back in June ?

According to Mitch Hurwitz, Sit Down Shut Up isn't officialy cancelled and the show will be back in June.

But the real question is when ? Fox didn't say a word about this return...

Read the IGN article :

May 19, 2009 - Don't let the fact that you didn't see it on FOX's schedule for next season fool you. Mitch Hurwitz would like viewers to know Sit Down, Shut Up is, in his words, "Not dead!"

Last night I spoke to Arrested Development creator Hurwitz at the FOX Upfront party, where he was in attendance to support Brothers, a new comedy he is executive producing. I mentioned Sit Down, Shut Up to Hurwitz, asking if we had seen the last of the show – the animated series was pulled from the air last week, before airing the fifth and final installment of what was intended to be its spring run.

Said Hurwitz, "No, actually! There is that presumption in the press, because they moved us to 7:00, because of Sweeps month and we weren't getting numbers good enough to stay on [at 8:30]. They moved us to 7:00, but then our content was too racy, so they had to pull us off of 7:00."

However, Hurwitz revealed, "We're coming back in June at 8:30 for the run of them. I'm going to lose all my credibility here, but they're good. They get really funny." Hurwitz was well aware of the expectations the show had going in, which reunited him with three of his Arrested Development stars, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler, but told me they never set out to make a show that would feel like Arrested, particularly since it was animated.

"The first couple [episodes] got trashed, particularly by the blogs and a lot of people said, 'It's nowhere near as good as Arrested Development ,'" noted Hurwitz, adding with a smile, "It's like, it's not trying to be, you know what I mean? You know what they didn't say about Family Guy? Nobody said, 'This is nowhere near as good as M*A*S*H! Why isn't this any better than Ally McBeal?!'"

"There's some really clever, funny things there and I think it's an acquired taste," Hurwitz said of Sit Down, Shut Up. "I think it's much like Arrested was at the start for a lot of people. But we'll see. If we get any numbers, we can stay in business."

So how many episodes will we see this summer? Hurwitz told me, "We've only aired four of them, so we have eight more."

As for what happens beyond that, Hurwitz remarked, "We've got a shot!", saying it was a funny situation for him these days, because, "I'm still working on them and everyone's writing that the show's cancelled and it's dead. And I'm still rewriting them and mixing them! It's crazy in so many ways."

Source : IGN

So what do you think about that ?

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